Pactster is a social fitness platform offering channels of fitness videos for health specific needs along with motivational and community features to help people use exercise for both preventative and restorative health.

Health specific workout videos by specialist instructors and physiotherapists

Workout alone or with others via video chat for added fun and accountability

Support from others in your community, challenges and tracking to help you get started and stay on track

Meet the Team

We are backed by a team of hard-working, enthusiastic people who are helping to bring this product to life and improving it day by day.

Connect with Katie

Katie Bell

Co-Founder: Tech

Katie is a socially driven, serial entrepreneur with a technical background. After an early career in IT consultancy she found her comfort zone in the world of tech startups. When not engrossed in code, Katie will mainly be found on the side of a mountain and is a qualified ski instructor.

Connect with Pamela

Pamela Scarborough

Co-founder: Health

Pamela has a MSc in physiotherapy and has over 10+ years experience working with the NHS as a cystic fibrosis physiotherapist. She's also a yoga instructor. Naturally, she's the perfect fit for Pactster.

Connect with Noyonika

Noyonika Bhaduri

Co-founder: Marketing

Noyonika Bhaduri has over 9 years experience in global marketing, advertising technology and digital media and held leadership and management positions across sales & marketing, most recently as Global Marketing Director of leading global analytics technology company Media iQ.


We are a passionate team in London working on this young startup. Pactster was launched in May 2016 and are working as hard as we can to improve the platform every day.

There might be some glitches. There might be some errors. But together with your feedback we are determined to make this the perfect platform to discover great workouts for your health needs with the motivation you need to get started and stick to recommended fitness.

Have any thoughts or ideas? Please get in touch!


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