We're proud to announce the launch of Pactster's live exercise classes! You can now come to Pactster to take part in exercise classes specific to your health condition broadcast live to you, wherever you might need them. Our classes are led by specialist physiotherapists and exercise professionals with a health condition themselves who can deeply understand your needs.

How to sign up for a live exercise class

Click here (or the 'live classes' link at the top of the page) to browse our schedule of live exercise classes. Simply select the 'sign up' button to register for the class. You can see the classes you've signed up to on your dashboard.

How to prepare for a live exercise class

Technology - Our live exercise classes are run on Zoom, a video conferencing tool we know and love. Before you take part in your first live exercise class we recommend you create an account on Zoom - it's completely free. Download their desktop client or mobile app and go ahead and test out your audio and video as instructred to make sure you're all ready to go at the time of your first class.

Pre-class questionnaire - After you've signed up for a class you'll receive an email from us with all the relevant info about the class. Included in this email is a link to a very short (less than 2 minute) questionnaire - we ask you to please fill this out before the class so the instructor can get a good idea of who is attending and any specific issues they should be addressing.

Getting yourself ready - Shortly before the class we recommend you prepare by getting into some comfortable workout clothes, drinking some water, filling up your bottle for the class and picking a good spot in your current environment in which to do the class. A list of equipment needed for the class can be found in the sign up email - be sure to pull everything you need together before you start class so you're not rushing around during it!

What to do at the time of the exercise class - how to join it

At the time of your class follow the "go to class" link from either the exercise schedule on your dashboard, the main live class schedule or any of our reminder emails. This will open the Zoom app or desktop client. If the host (instructor) has not yet started the meeting you'll be asked to wait, otherwise you can enter the virtual exercise studio immediately. You can and should test the computer audio before entering the room to make sure you're can hear and be heard in the room. Once in the room you can take part in the pre-class chat or simply take the time to get into a good mindset for the class that's about to start.

What to do after the class

Give yourself a massive pat on the back - it's no easy feat completing an exercise class and you should be proud of yourself for showing up. After the class you're welcome to stay and chat diretly with the instructor or other people in the room. We'll ask email you a link to another really quick questionnaire so we can get you feedback on how it went and improve it for you in the future.

Each live class is recorded and within a few days will appear in our on-demand exercise video library. We'll send you an email with a link to access it so you can repeat the class at at your own convenience.


Will I be seen by other people in the virtual exercise studio?

That's completely up to you! Zoom allows you to turn your video on or off so if you would rather not be seen then feel free to turn your video off.

Can I be heard by other people in the virtual exercise studio?

Before and after the class you are welcome to chat with the instructor or other people in the room, it's generally best to mute your microphone when you are not speaking though to avoid background noise for everyone else. We ask that you mute your microphone during the class to allow others in the room to concentrate on the instruction.

Will I be recorded?

Nope. What goes on in a live class stays in a live class! We record all of our classes using a separate camera though so that people can do them again at their own convenience after the class.

Can I talk to the instructor during the class?

The instructor will be in the virtual exercise studio for 10 minutes before and after the class during which time we encourage you to interact with them and ask them questions you might have.

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