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We're searching for Community Managers

With so many of you now using Pactster, we’re keen to set up even more supportive communities and are looking for passionate community managers to run them.

What is a Pactster community?

Our platform was built on the concept of a ‘pact’. You’re more likely to stick to your exercise plans if you sign up to a class or commit to meeting a buddy for a workout. We all know this. But not everyone can, or wants to, go to a gym to workout. So we created communities that you can be a part of from wherever you are.

Communities can be for friends who want to workout together, people with a shared goals such as to regularly do yoga or to increase lung function with targeted exercises, or for people with a similar health condition or lifestyle.

Each ‘community’ on Pactster has members, a variety of scheduled workouts and the opportunity to socialise. Much like a traditional gym.

To browse our current communities, simply navigate to ‘communities’ at the top of the Pactster website.

Here are some of our most popular communities:

The Cystic Fibrosis Gym

Yoga for CF

Mums, bums and tums

Pactster needs you!

Every gym needs a manager, right? Someone to schedule the workout timetable, someone to encourage new members, and someone to motivate people to make it to the end of a workout.

We’re still a small team, so we’re looking for other passionate 'someones' to help us build and lead communities. Perhaps that 'someone' is you!

  • Do you have a child with cystic fibrosis and want to chat with and schedule workouts with other families?
  • Are a new mum and fancy a morning workout and online discussion with other mummy’s a couple of times a week?
  • Do you have cystic fibrosis yourself and would love to finally be able to workout with the others with CF that you chat to on social media, free from the risk of cross-infection?
  • Are you a physiotherapist who would like to schedule workouts for the people you see at your clinic? Perhaps you'd like to be on hand to answer their questions during exercise?
  • Have you already seen improvements in your health from sticking to a varied exercise routine and just really want to inspire others to get motivated too?

If any of these resonate with you, or perhaps you have another reason for wanting to get involved, we'd love to have you on board.

Yes, I want to set up my own community!

If you fancy it, you can get started right away by clicking ‘create a community’ on our communities page or you can email us at hello@pactster.com so that we can send your more details, including an overview of our new incentive programme for community managers.

And even if being a community manager isn't your thing, we'd still love to hear from you. How does being part of a community help to motivate you day-to-day?

Let us know on social media. You can find us on Twitter @Pactster and @Pactster_CF, on Instagram, and at our Facebook page.

We're excited to see communities grow and we hope that you are too!