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3 Months Free Pactster For London Marathon Runners Fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Team Pactster may not have managed to secure a ballot place for the 2018 London Marathon, but there are no hard feelings.

In fact, if you were luckier than us and have chosen to run the London Marathon to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, we salute you and we'd like to make your marathon training as smooth as possible.

Alternatively, the CF Trust are still recruiting for Team CF, so there's still chance to bag yourself a Golden Bond Place.

As part of our exciting new partnership with the CF Trust, we're offering a 3-month free Pactster subscription to anyone fundraising for the Trust.

Pilates for runners? Check.

Pelvic floor training? Check.

Short stretches and cool-down yoga? Check and check.

All on-demand.

How to sign up to Pactster for CF Trust Fundraisers

If you qualify for free access to Pactster via the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, simply follow the sign up process that starts with clicking the start button on the top right corner of the Pactster homepage.

Input your details and be sure to select that you’re interested in ‘Running’ and then enter the code ‘CFT-FUNDRAISER’ into the promo code box before clicking 'Submit'.

It’s that simple!

You can find all of our workouts specially designed for runners in one place, by going to ‘videos’ and selecting ‘runners’. You can also search for other exercises to complement your training, such as ‘pelvic floor’ or ‘HIIT’, by using the search bar.

Finally, if you’ve taken us up on the offer, we think it’s only fair that you update us on your marathon training progress and show us what we’re missing. Deal?

Share your updates with us on Twitter @Pactster and @Pactster_CF, on Instagram @Pactster_, and on Facebook @Pactster.

See you at the finish line!