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Pactster is becoming Beam!

The time has come where we’ve started to roll out our shiny new brand, Beam. You’ll be seeing more regular updates and doses of feel-good across all of our channels in the next few weeks as we transition. 

In fact, you may have spotted that a pretty major transition is already underway… Our social media handles have changed, our bios have been updated with some new information and some little characters have been popping up to say hello. 

You may even have noticed that we have already launched our new site at beamfeelgood.com. Well, kind of. This is what we call a ‘soft launch’ or ‘beta’. The kind of launch before launch, if you will.

Having this ‘soft launch’ version of the site has allowed us to demo the new platform at the Australasian CF Conference (we'll have a blog post about this coming to our new Beam blog, very soon!) and start to test it with users under 'real conditions', while we continue making little tweaks to get it up to scratch. 

So, when is the big switchover, we hear you ask?

September 2nd is our official launch date. At this point, everyone will be using Beam…

But until then, if you are an existing Pactster user, please continue to sign in at pactster.com. We will of course let you know when we’re ready to switch you over to our new and improved space.

If you’re new, however… welcome! During our transition, we aren’t accepting new sign ups to Pactster. We ask that you please sign up using Beam and forgive us any minor glitches that you may experience as we make the final touches.

Of course, as ever, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think. We want Beam to make you feel good and inspire you to take small steps towards a more active lifestyle. Not doing it for you just yet? Let us know how we can improve.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be bringing you more behind-the-scenes updates and telling more of the story behind how Pactster became Beam. Anything in particular that you want to know? Just ask!

Email us at hello@beamfeelgood.com or get nosey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.