Becoming Beam: behind-the-scenes of our idea generation. Character with thought bubble

Last year, we caught up with a whole load of you to find out what helps and hinders you when it comes to getting more physically active.

After doing this research to find out exactly what problems you needed solved, we needed to find ways to solve them. Simple.

Here's what we came up with...

Natalie at Beam | 20th August 2019

The time has come where we’ve started to roll out our shiny new brand, Beam. You’ll be seeing more regular updates and doses of feel-good across all of our channels in the next few weeks as we transition. 

In fact, you may have spotted that a pretty major transition is already underway… Our social media handles have changed, our bios have been updated with some new information and some li[...]

Natalie at Beam | 9th August 2019