Yoga for CF

For people with CF who want to experience the benefits of yoga


Yoga has the potential to benefit people with CF in lots of ways, for example, improving strength, fitness and posture, helping with chest clearance, and improving mood and quality of sleep. 

This group has been started by Pactster co-founder Pamela Scarborough, who is also a CF physio and yoga instructor, and is for anyone who wants to try yoga. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, or what your health, flexibility or fitness levels are like - I'll be scheduling a variety of workouts for different levels of abilities.

If you have any yoga related questions, post them on the wall and I'll try to answer them!


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Recent Activity

Pamela 17 days ago

My live and interactive yoga class on Pactster this Thursday will focus on releasing tension in the body to allow the breath to move more freely and it's going to make you feel good! Thanks to everyone who's been attending my live sessions; if you haven't yet checked them out and you'd like to know more about them you can drop a question below, read the live class guide or sign up to a class from the timetable on the CF homepage. The class is multi-level so everyone is welcome :)


Viji8 days ago

hi am new to this

Natalie 2 months ago

I loved your live session today Pamela! Thank you so much!


Viji5 days ago


Pamela2 months ago

Ahh, I'm glad! thank you for joining - I hope it made you feel good! Same time next week? ;)