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A community for CF Paitients wothin the RHC


A resource in helping our CF patients increase activity levels at home or as an in patients  . Exercise videos for all ages to encourage Physical activity within the home environment. Limited equipment needed. Live workout classes that you can join in.

If you have any problems or questions about any exercise programmes please contact your Physio.


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ExerciseGenie 10 months ago

Join me tomorrow for a cheeky week workout at 5pm! say hi when you join!


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ExerciseGenie a year ago

Come and Join us this afternoon at 2pm for a schedule Cardio Work out !


ExerciseGeniea year ago

Hey guys ! Join me tomorrow at 4PM to work out : Strength, Stability and Flexibility for Healthy Lower Limbs. Click schedule workouts and click go to room to participate ! See you there , Stacy

No workouts scheduled