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17 min

Grab a kettlebell or another weight and take part in a 17-minute full body circuit workout with Aaron Aby to improve cardio fitness and strength.

Discipline: HIIT

Difficulty: Intermediate

Aaron Aby
8 min

8-minute core session to improve your posture and breathing

Discipline: Strength and Conditioning

Difficulty: Intermediate

7 min

Learn seven principles of alignment in just seven minutes, to help you exercise safely and gain the greatest benefits from your yoga practice

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Beginner

Katie Malik
14 min

14-minute lower body strength, stamina and stability workout for cystic fibrosis, focusing on your legs, hips and glutes

Discipline: Strength and Conditioning

Difficulty: Intermediate

60 min

Challenge yourself with this 60-minute yoga session incorporating some new poses, including back bends

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Advanced

Katie Malik
30 min

Physio-led pilates session focusing on pelvic floor awareness and exercises

Discipline: Pilates

Difficulty: Beginner

Amanda Savage


"I'm not a gym bunny as from past experiences a lot of the instructors look panic stricken when I start coughing which then brought the whole class to my attention (embarrassing)! Pactster is perfect for me then as it allows me to exercise from home in my own time. I'm looking forward to hopefully building up a bit more fitness and lung function - finally something that will motivate me to get moving."
Emma Ainsworth
"It's just a brilliant concept - to have the benefits of going to a class yet without the hassle of getting there, joining up, getting changed etc etc. And the fact some instructors have CF is a brilliant bonus. Thank you so much for making this possible and for opening up an entire field of exercise to me that I would never get round to sorting otherwise."
Mark N.
"I love everything about Pactster, the range of different workouts and the trainers are so clear and precise with their instructions, the workouts are challenging enough for me and I'm sure other people with CF. I'm more than happy with Pactster and I'll continue to use it for quite a while!"
Lucy Taylor
"My daughter, Edith (8 years old), has cystic fibrosis and was looking for alternative physio / yoga exercises to help especially with her breathing. She enjoys the videos and does her exercises regularly."
Father of Edith
"I think it's a great website! I find the videos most useful when I'm having an exacerbation and am unable to continue with my usual exercise routine."


Stress incontinence is leakage from the bladder or bowels when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or take part in high-impact activities like jumping or running. Sound like a familiar issue? You’re not alone.

Stress incontinence is well recognised as being more prevalent in people with cystic fibrosis than in the general population. If you’ve already read our [...]

We’ve just embarked upon a new project here at Pactster that’ll lead to some awesome new developments to help you and other people with CF to exercise more.

We just aren't sure what these developments are yet...

But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, the good news is, we’ve been awarded a grant to undertake this project (yay!). Better news is that you have the chance to get involved.<[...]

A growing body of evidence suggests that people with cystic fibrosis are affected not only by decreased cardiorespiratory fitness, but also by decreased muscle power, strength and endurance, as well as poor posture and impaired flexibility.

It’s for these reasons, and more, that exercise is so incredibly important in the management of cystic fibrosis, both in people who feel generally he[...]


Katie Malik

Katie Malik is a certified yoga instructor and professional opera singer from Washington State, USA. Her classes include flowing series of movements that link breath with motion, developing body awareness and allowing the breath to guide the inten...

Aaron Aby

My name is Aaron Aby and I was born with Cystic Fibrosis.

I am a Professional mixed martial artist out of the MMA Academy Liverpool and Head Coach of Inspire MMA. I also own and coach at the IPC Wrexham gym where I coach a range of ages a...

Sophie Holmes

I’m Sophie Grace Holmes, I’m a dedicated fitness fanatic, health and nutrition enthusiast and blogger. I also work as a personal trainer, fitness model and sports massage therapist, and love to help others fulfil their fitness goals and personal a...


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