Katie Malik

Specialities: Yoga, cystic fibrosis

Katie Malik is a certified yoga instructor and professional opera singer from Washington State, USA. Her classes include flowing series of movements that link breath with motion, developing body awareness and allowing the breath to guide the intensity of the yoga practice. She offers a variety of options and modifications to allow each student to fully participate based on how they feel in a given moment on any given day.

Katie’s yoga classes are informed by her own experience living with cystic fibrosis. Katie discovered yoga during a period of illness in 2010; over six months of regular yoga practice, she saw a 20% increase in her lung function and also re-established a healthy balance in her daily life. She began her yoga teacher training in 2012 as a way to practice yoga safely on her own, and began teaching when she found that her experience living with a chronic disease gave her a unique perspective that made her classes helpful to others with and without CF.

Katie is continuing her yoga teacher training through YogaFit, a program designed to make yoga accessible to everyone (not just the super-fit), and received her RYT200 in February 2017. You can read more about Katie and her experiences as a professional singer with CF at www.katiemalik.com.