Aaron Aby

Specialities: Mixed martial arts, HIIT, cystic fibrosis

My name is Aaron Aby and I was born with Cystic Fibrosis.

I am a Professional mixed martial artist out of the MMA Academy Liverpool and Head Coach of Inspire MMA. I also own and coach at the IPC Wrexham gym where I coach a range of ages and abilities in Strength and Conditioning and Martial Arts.

I have a BSc degree in Sports Coaching and a National Diploma in Sports Science. I have always been extremely passionate about health and nutrition due to being born with CF. I recognised this had a big impact on how I treated my body and mind. It was at a very early age I understood how health, nutrition and psychological mindset are all linked together in achieving your potential.

Hopefully my videos can help you improve your life and inspire you to exercise. My videos are aimed at all levels and you can change the difficulty depending on your own individual ability and aims. Adjust the work time and rep ranges as you wish the important thing is moving your body and exercise. The more you do them the better you will get. The videos provided include functional exercises and the movements will make you more mobile, stronger and fitter. I have a mixture of videos on Pactster, from full body workouts to a mixed martial arts workout.