Natalie Goodchild

Specialities: Cystic fibrosis, weight training, cardio training

Qualification: Level 3 Personal Training
Area of expertise: Cystic Fibrosis
Connection to the condition: Natalie has cystic fibrosis

Natalie is a personal trainer who uses exercise to manage cystic fibrosis and is incredibly passionate about educating people on using exercise for improved health and happiness. Her love of learning means that she’s always researching new tools and techniques to improve her health through exercise and wants to help others to see their benefit too.

Natalie loves spending time in the gym where she does the majority of her weight training and cardio exercise. She also loves dancing and ensures that she balances out her training with some yoga and pilates. She strongly believes in the importance of getting variety in her training and thinks that anyone can find the same passion for exercise that she has if only they persevere long enough to find an activity that they truly enjoy. Once you find that, exercise becomes more sustainable.

Through her training, Natalie has seen benefits to bone density, airway clearance, lung function, physical strength and mindset. She wants to inspire others to realise what their bodies are capable of and to use exercise to feel empowered and in better control of their health.

Natalie has written a health and fitness blog for many years and offers online and offline exercise coaching. Aside from this, Natalie is a marketing consultant specialising in health and fitness and is proud to be Chief Marketing Officer here at Pactster. Driven by sharing her knowledge and experience in the field, Natalie is also an associate lecturer in Marketing. When she’s not busy juggling exciting projects, Natalie loves to explore the world and spend time walking in the fresh air.