&Breathe Postnatal

Specialities: HIIT, antenatal, postnatal

Clio Wood founded &Breathe Postnatal in January 2015 after having a baby in the summer of 2014.

She knows all too well the ups and downs of new motherhood, the tears, the smiles, leaky nappy roulette...and very often getting back in shape is the first thing to go from your schedule. Searching unsuccessfully for a way to kickstart her exercise routine again, she decided to hold her own retreat, full of accessible and effective fitness classes, good but healthy food (that you can definitely manage to cook yourself) and some great treatments and massages, and all without having to worry about what to do with the baby. &Breathe was born!

Fully trained in pre- and post-natal exercise, Caroline brings a whoop and a smile to every session. She cycles all over London as a personal trainer and studio instructor, leaving nothing but toned bums in her wake. Caroline trained as an actress and is also a qualified nursery teacher - great with kids and adults alike!