Kerri Holland

Specialities: General fitness, nutrition coach, postantal, C-sections

My name is Kerri. I am just like you. I have stretch marks. I have undergone 3 c-sections in under 4 years. At the moment I am breastfeeding a 5 month old. Potty training a cute but stubborn 2 year old. Teaching my 4 year old to dress herself. My laundry room is a disaster. I rarely shower before noon. The trash goes out more than I do!

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade the diapers and meltdowns for all the uninterrupted sleep in the world. I treat working out as much of a daily non negotiable as brushing my teeth. I wholeheartedly believe it is the key to my sanity. I hope to help others in my position.

I am an ACE certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach from Boston, MA, currently living in London. I’ve worked with hundreds of pre and postnatal women from all over the world.

My mission is to empower women to make time to do something positive for themselves on a daily basis, even when it seems impossible to do so. Adopting a safe, thoughtful exercise regimen with room for flexibility, smart eating habits, and bonding with likeminded women, who share our struggles and our joys, is the first step.

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