Amanda Savage

Specialities: Pilates, antenatal, postnatal

Amanda Savage is a women's health physiotherapist, working for over 20 years with antenatal and postnatal women, helping to sort out problems with pelvic floors, abdominal muscles and back pain. She is also an experienced Pilates Instructor, teaching popular classes 2 nights a week. She recently launched Supported Mums a website that provides new mothers with advice about improving pelvic floor and abdominal support (

"I believe that if your body is in a good place you will cope better with the physical and emotional demands of motherhood. My mission is to encourage you to take time to care for yourself, with effective safe exercises for your back, abdominals and pelvic floor. With the right exercises you can quickly feel truly supported again."

In the New Mother Foundations Amanda guides you through gentle, safe and effective exercises, commonly taught by physiotherapists on the postnatal wards. These exercises will carry you from returning home through the first 6 weeks postnatal.

The Foundation to Fitness series has been designed by Amanda to bring you pilates-based exercise sequences with emphasis on abdominal and pelvic floor techniques. Great foundations will ensure that you get the best results as you progress to following all the other postnatal exercise programmes on Pactster.