Bundle Overview

At Pactster we recognise that people's exercise interests and needs vary. That's why we've created a mix of content covering a variety of exercise disciplines, with different instructor styles, developed to address specific CF needs.

In this exercise bundle we've given you a sample of some of our most popular videos on the platform - some of the workouts may be too hard for you, others may be too easy, but we hope it helps you to learn more about what you like, what intensity you like to work at and encouraged you to give more videos a try!

  • To introduce new users to the variety of content and instructors we have on the platform
  • To give new users a starting place to empower them to decide which videos are right for them and where to next
  • Showcase the variety of needs our videos address

  • Increase confidence
  • Posture
  • Pelvic floor control
  • Cardio fitness
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Lung function
  • Exercise mat
  • Weights
  • Chair

15 min

A 15-minute session aimed at improving digestion and core strength to help relieve CF Belly

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Intermediate

Katie Malik
10 min

Workout with mixed martial art tecniques in this 10-minute session with MMA pro Aaron Aby

Discipline: Mixed Martial Arts

Difficulty: Advanced

Aaron Aby
30 min

Physio-led pilates session focusing on pelvic floor awareness and exercises

Discipline: Pilates

Difficulty: Beginner

Amanda Savage
10 min

10-minute session to stretch, mobilise and strengthen your upper body and spine

Discipline: Strength and Conditioning

Difficulty: Intermediate

6 min

A short, seated sequence for cystic fibrosis to prepare you for an effective airway clearance session.

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Beginner

19 min

This resistance training workout uses the beat of music to help you control your movements, for better posture and muscular control

Discipline: Resistance training

Difficulty: Beginner

Natalie Goodchild