Bundle Overview

All that coughing means that stress incontinence is really common in people with CF. Some people find they leak a little, just when they are sick; others find they leak more and more easily.

The workouts in this bundle can really help to strengthen your pelvic floor so that you can laugh, cough and run as much as you'd like without worrying so much!

  • To address stress incontinence through pelvic floor and core workouts

  • Pelvic floor control
  • Core strength
  • Increase confidence
  • Exercise mat

30 min

Learn the foundations of yoga and begin to improve your strength, flexibility and balance in a 60-minute session

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Beginner

Katie Malik
30 min

Physio-led pilates session focusing on pelvic floor awareness and exercises

Discipline: Pilates

Difficulty: Beginner

Amanda Savage
8 min

8-minute core session to improve your posture and breathing

Discipline: Strength and Conditioning

Difficulty: Intermediate

17 min

A mat-based yoga session to stretch overworked respiratory muscles and strengthen postural muscles

Discipline: Yoga

Difficulty: Beginner