Duration :

5 min

Discipline :


Level :


Equipment needed :

- None

Benefits :

- Core strength

- Airway clearance

- Pelvic floor control

- Breathing control

- Posture

Frequent and prolonged coughing, advancing lung disease and musculoskeletal issues such as low bone mineral density, vertebral fractures or arthropathy can all lead to changes in posture for people with cystic fibrosis.

It's really important to try and prevent or address any postural changes as these can result in changes in respiratory biomechanics and also lead to back, neck or shoulder pain.

This short, instructional video is to help you to become more aware of your posture and to stand better. Specifically it teaches you how to correctly perform the yoga posture 'mountain pose' (tadasana). You can then practice this posture during yoga sessions and other workouts, or at any other times of day.


  • Standing pose (also known as mountain pose or 'tadasana' in yoga)
    • Pamela's tips for this session:
      "If your posture has been changing gradually over time it might feel tiring and strange to stand in this upright posture. Ask someone to take a before and after photo so you can see the difference and how much better it looks when you stand upright."

      Who this session is suitable for:
      Anyone - it's even good to do this video if you haven't any postural changes. That way it will help you to become stronger and more aware so that hopefully you can maintain a better posture for longer.

      Benefits of this session may include:

      • Airway clearance
      • Posture
      • Core strength
      • Pelvic floor control

      Equipment required:

      • Yoga block (If you haven't got a yoga block you can use a book or a cushion)

      Instructor : Pamela Scarborough

      Qualifications: MSc Physiotherapy, British Wheel of Yoga accredited Yoga Teacher
      Area of expertise: Cystic Fibrosis
      Connection to the condition: Specialist physiotherapist for people with...

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Sarah Holland
Brilliant and simple but so so effective. Quite a shock as to how much I needed to work to get it right though
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