Duration :

1 min

Level :


Equipment needed :

- None

Discipline :

fitness test

However long you've been exercising for, however much exercise you fit into your life, and whatever your level of fitness, it's great to be able to assess your progress, which is why simple fitness tests like this one have been designed.

In this fitness test, you'll challenge your lower body with a maximum repetition squat test.

You'll be guided through a few different versions of the exercise, including:

  • Sit to stand using a chair
  • Bodyweight squat
  • Squat jump

You're aiming to do as many squats as possible in one minute. Some people like to keep a steady pace, whereas others might like to do a few reps and then take a second to rest and before continuing. Whichever approach you take is fine so long as you remember to count every single repetition.

You should record your results as soon as you finish, including the date that you took the test, the number of reps you completed and which version of the squat you did. Including as much detail as possible means that you can replicate the test in future and accurately track your progress.

You may like to have someone else with you to help you count your reps, or film yourself on your phone or camera so that you can count them afterwards.

Make sure you take this test before you do any exercise, so that you aren't already fatigued. We want this to be your best effort - the benchmark that you can measure your progress by.

We recommend coming back every 4-6 weeks to retest.

Natalie's tips for this session:
"For just one minute, push yourself as much as you can. It's an amazing feeling to challenge your body so be proud of what you achieve."

Equipment required:

  • Chair (optional)

Instructor : Natalie Goodchild

Qualification: Level 3 Personal Training
Area of expertise: Cystic Fibrosis
Connection to the condition: Natalie has cystic fibrosis

Natalie is a personal trainer who uses exerc...

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