Duration :

1 min

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Equipment needed :

- None

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fitness test

In this fitness test, we'll be challenging your core with a plank test.

You'll be guided through three different options to choose from, depending on what level of fitness you feel you are currently at:

  • Kneeling plank (on hands or forearms)
  • Full plank (on hands or forearms)
  • Walking plank

The aim with this test is to hold your plank for as long as possible with good form. If you hold it for the full minute with perfect form, you may like to try a harder version next time you test.

Be honest with yourself and make sure that you stop as soon as your core starts to fatigue and your back, shoulders or head start to sag. It's really important that you are aware of your body and stop when this happens, both to avoid injury, and to ensure you record a truly reflective score for this fitness test. You may find it is helpful to have someone watch you and point this out to you if it happens.

You should record your results as soon as you finish, including the date that you took the test, the number of seconds that you held your plank for and which version of the plank you did. Including as much detail as possible means that you can replicate the test in future and accurately track your progress.

Make sure you take this test before you do any exercise, so that you aren't already fatigued. We want this to be your best effort - your benchmark that you can measure your progress by.

We recommend coming back every 4-6 weeks to retest and monitor your progress.

Natalie's tips for this session:
"Get into a good, strong position and lock it in for as long as possible. Scan down you body to check the position of your head, shoulders, back and pelvis remain stable and remember to breathe throughout."

Equipment required:

  • Exercise mat

Instructor : Natalie Goodchild

Qualification: Level 3 Personal Training
Area of expertise: Cystic Fibrosis
Connection to the condition: Natalie has cystic fibrosis

Natalie is a personal trainer who uses exerc...

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