Duration :

19 min

Discipline :


Level :


Equipment needed :

- Exercise mat

Equipment needed :

- Weights

Benefits :

- Muscular strength and endurance

- Cardio fitness

- Core strength

- Airway clearance

- Lung function

- Bone density

- Posture

This full-body workout has been designed to familiarse you with resistance training exercise and uses music to help set the tempo of your movements, ensuring that they're carried out under control.

Resistance training is great for bone density, healthy joints and better posture as well as improved muscular endurance and strength. This should also get your heart rate up and your breathing will quicken, so this can be great for overall fitness and for airway clearance.

Remember to cool down after this workout with gentle movement and some stretching.

You can reduce the weight at any time if it feels too heavy. You can also put the weights down altogether and use only your bodyweight if you need to. Feel free to rest at any time. As you continue to return to this workout, you may be able to progress by increasing your weights, going a little longer without a rest, or you may notice that the workout starts to feel easier as your fitness level improves.


  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlift
  • Row
  • Chest press
  • Upright row
  • Clean and press
  • Shoulder press

Natalie's tips for this workout:
"Concentrate on the muscle that's working and learn what each movement should feel like. When it starts to burn, that means it's working! Don't be scared of that. It means that your body is being challenged to get fitter and stronger. Don't give up!"

Who this workout is suitable for:
People who have a good baseline level of strength and fitness who want a full body workout.

Benefits of this session may include:

  • Airway clearance
  • Posture
  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Core strength
  • Lung function
  • Bone density
  • General fitness

Equipment required:

  • Weights (dumbbells or a barbell is ideal, but any weighted objects will do, such as water bottles or tins of food)

Instructor : Natalie Goodchild

Qualification: Level 3 Personal Training
Area of expertise: Cystic Fibrosis
Connection to the condition: Natalie has cystic fibrosis

Natalie is a personal trainer who uses exerc...

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Chloe Kazantzis
This is a nice quick routine to follow, good to follow along to the music too and I used 3kg weights for this. I have been doing personal training for over a year now it is good to watch the routine first before going into the movements if you've never done it before I think
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