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20 min

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Welcome - this exercise sequence is designed for you to do in the very early days from having your baby to the 6 week check up.

Even though you are busy with your delicious newborn baby taking time out to think about helping the recovery of your body has lots of benefits.

  • Moving your spine and stretching your muscles will help to prevent back pain and sort out niggles before they build up
  • You can see that your abdominals have been stretched from your pregnancy. Your muscles need your attention to strengthen and tone them to give you back your shape and give you a strong wall at the front to support your back when you are lifting and carrying your baby.
  • Just carrying a pregnancy for 9 months stretches and weakens the pelvic floor muscles underneath. A vaginal delivery further strains the muscles and you may have had cuts or tears in the muscle. With gentle pelvic floor exercises you can promote blood flow, reduce swelling and get the healing process off to a great start.

This sequence of exercises mimics movements you are already doing day to day but we take time to notice how to use your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles straight away to support your body better.

If you have exercised throughout your pregnancy you will LOVE to be using your body safely but effectively.

If you are new to exercise, welcome to a wonderful fitness journey.

Instructor : Amanda Savage

Amanda Savage is a women's health physiotherapist, working for over 20 years with antenatal and postnatal women, helping to sort out problems with pelvic floors, abdominal muscles and back pain. S...

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