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After a caesarean section many women are worried about doing any exercise at all and find themselves becoming very stiff, hunched over and uncomfortable.

In this sequence I will guide you through some lovely gentle but effective movements which actually mimic all the things you are already doing, walking around, climbing stairs, stretching - but with cues to show you how to use your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor to support you and help you feel more comfortable.

Wait to start these exercises until you return home from hospital as the midwives will have checked that your wound is ready for you to move about freely. At any time If you have any concerns at all about your caesarean scar oozing or bleeding, or feeling anything but mildly sore as you exercise or after, then it is very important that you stop straight away and ask your GP or midwife for advice before you continue.

Women recover at different rates from a caesarean section. It is ok to just try 2 or 3 of the exercises at first and then each couple of days add another one until you feel you enjoy doing the whole sequence.

The exercises should leave you feeling more comfortable and energised not at all sore.

Instructor : Amanda Savage

Amanda Savage is a women's health physiotherapist, working for over 20 years with antenatal and postnatal women, helping to sort out problems with pelvic floors, abdominal muscles and back pain. S...

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Julie Nicholson
Very clear instructions. Nice and slow & gentle for those early days. A great help to be able to access this early on before an appointment to physiotherapy. I would recommend this to friends.
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