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This yoga practice uses a chair to enable us to get a good seated and/or standing workout. This isn’t 'cop out' yoga. This is a real workout that happens to take place in or next to a chair; a tool to help us expand our practice in a new way.

Pamela Scarborough (Cystic Fibrosis physiotherapist and yoga teacher extraordinaire) joins Katie in this video to demonstrate the seated options, while Katie demonstrates the standing options.

We start with a seated breathing exercise to expand our airways, and enjoy some lateral stretches and forward bends to relieve the stresses on our spine that seating and hunched-over positions create. We then move to a vinyasa flow with seated or standing options, lunges and warriors using the chair for support. We finish the practice in a gentle supported inversion with our legs up the wall or on a chair.

Instructor : Katie Malik

Katie Malik is a certified yoga instructor and professional opera singer from Washington State, USA. Her classes include flowing series of movements that link breath with motion, developing body aw...

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Sarah Winter-Page
Would probably use this with some of our older CF children
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First time doing seated yoga. I thought it was brilliant, took the pressure off of hard poses like worrier. Will definitely do again
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